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WDPA ID 10344
WDPA Parent ID 10344
Name Den Ba Trieu
Original name Đền Bà Triệu
Country VN
Sub-national location Thanh Hóa
Designation Cultural and Historical Site
Designation (English) Cultural and Historical Site
Designation type National
IUCN Category V
Marine No
Reported marine area (km2)  
Reported area (km2) 3
Status Designated
Status year 1986
Governance type Not Reported
Management authority Not Reported
International criteria  
Mangement plan  
Metadata ID 619
Description Site decreed by Council of Ministers in 1986, size listed as 300 ha. According to Thanh Hoa Prov. FPD size is 2068 ha but its unclear whether this includes a buffer zone. Site not on 2010 list so can be seen as recommended for removal from national PA sy